ProActive Chiropractic & Training Centre

ProActive Chiropractic & Training Center

ProActive Chiropractic is a clinic where you will get effective care from educated professionals. If you choose to receive your chiropractic care here, you will receive value for your dollar, whether you pay out-of-pocket or if you have insurance benefits through your work.


A Physiotherapist is an expert in human movement. An assessment with a physiotherapist includes identifying movements that are either painful or dysfunctional. Treatments correct muscle imbalances to create a more functional pattern. This helps to reduce pain, improve movement efficiency and optimize performance. Treatment skills used in this process include hands-on manual therapy techniques, specific motor control graded exercises, acupuncture and athletic taping. Active Canadians of all ages develop muscle imbalances that may or may not be painful but each muscle imbalance within the body has the potential to become painful if not corrected over time. A physiotherapist can help to correct these imbalances and ultimately improve physical function and quality of life.

Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA)

SFMA is diagnostic system used to assess the quality of your movement. The SFMA uses a series of full-body movements to identify areas of dysfunction in the body.  The primary focus of SFMA is about quality of movement

Neurokinetic Therapy (NKT)

NKT is an application of Motor Control Theory, neuroscience, and functional anatomy. NKT identifies muscle imbalances by using unique protocols to determine which muscles are inhibited and which muscles are compensating for those. Using this information, an NKT specialist utilizes specific treatment and corrective exercise techniques to restore proper movement patterns and reprogram the motor control center.

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