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What is Graston Technique?

Have you ever heard of someone going in for Graston treatment?  

Graston Technique is a popular treatment method for chronic, fascial release.  It is very successful on both old tendon injuries that haven't healed (achilles tendonosis, tennis elbow, rotator cuff strains), as well as scar tissue (from surgical scars, healed cuts or stitches).  If you have ever had an injury that can be painful when you start moving, but then loosens up after a while, fascial release with the Graston tool may be for you.  (click on the picture above or the link below to learn more:)

Graston Technique is instrument-assisted soft-tissue therapy.  Think of it as Active Release therapy done with a tool instead of by hand.  A Graston tool is a stainless-steel device with various shaped curves and a beveled edge (smooth, not sharp!)  The Graston tool, along with special Graston emollient (or cream) is 'rubbed' along the area of injury.  After this type of treatment, you may noticed improved range of motion or flexibility right away, and possibly less pain with movement.  Often times after treatment the skin around the area is red and/or spotted; this phenomenon - called ecchymosis - happens when the surface blood vessels  are stimulated or broken.  The more red you are post-treatment, the more scar-tissue there was and the better the response afterwards!

Patients at ProActive Chiropractic have received Graston successfully for many conditions, including chronically tight trapezius & neck muscles, achilles tendon issues, tennis elbow, activity-induced knee pain, low back injuries, trigger finger, post-surgical scarring (to remove the hardened tissue), acute ankle sprains and more.  If you have tried other treatments with no success, ask Dr. Scott Macpherson or Dr. Taia Spencer-Yap if Graston might be right for you.  

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